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Allegra La Ferr poses in the PBI trailer, affectionately dubbed Leonard, that's packed and ready to head north to Churchill for polar bear season.

© Madison Stevens/Polar Bears International

1/9/2017 1:05:13 AM

Packing up for Churchill

By Allegra La Ferr, PBI Intern

As we draw closer to the polar bear field season up in Churchill, things have become quite busy in the Polar Bears International office. The logistics team has been confirming flight reservations, hotel bookings, going over packing lists, and making week-by-week schedules for our upcoming field season. We have also been contacting guests and volunteers to send out final confirmation letters, and answer any last minute questions. Our to-do lists never seem to end, but it's exciting to know that soon we will be up in Churchill where our work will finally pay off!  

On Friday, a few members of the staff played life-size Tetris by packing up the small trailer bound for Winnipeg and Churchill. However, packing the trailer was only half the battle. We also had to take special care to make a detailed inventory of every item in each box, so that we can find specific items faster and easier in the long run. Much of our time was devoted to checking (and double checking!) the contents and final destination of each box.

The trailer, affectionately known as Leonard, will be driven up to Winnipeg where the contents will then be shipped or flown further north to Churchill. However, once up in Winnipeg, there is still work to be done! Several members of the logistics team will set out for Costco to ensure that our team is well fed throughout the season. We will also finish up any last minute errands that need to be done prior to the official start of the field season.

After some impressive maneuvering, and imaginative thinking, the trailer is packed full and ready to make the journey north. Let the adventures begin!

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