A lone polar bear strides across the snow

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1/28/2021 2:28:17 PM

New Wildlife Collections Partnership

What is it like to be a polar bear roaming on the sea ice? Through our new partnership with Wildlife Collections, a company built on supporting science through commerce, wildlife enthusiasts will be able to track their own polar bear while also contributing to polar bear conservation.

“We’re delighted to welcome Wildlife Collections as partners and look forward to working with them to build greater awareness about the Arctic and the challenge for polar bears as the climate continues to warm,” said Krista Wright, Executive Director of Polar Bears International.

Through their Save the Polar Bears Campaign, Wildlife Collections is offering customers a chance to buy a selection of campaign bracelets that will connect them with an individual polar bear in Western Hudson Bay, Canada. Supporters can then experience a year in the life of a polar bear by tracking their bear’s movements on Polar Bears International’s website. They’ll also learn more about how polar bears use the sea ice and the importance of protecting this vulnerable habitat.

A bracelet with a stone polar bear

Wildlife Collections will donate 10% of net proceeds from the Save the Polar Bears Campaign to Polar Bears International. The funds will be used to continue to monitor polar bears in Western Hudson Bay, a region that has experienced significant reduction in sea ice as a result of the warming climate.

“Our campaigns provide customers with the opportunity to directly support on-the-ground research to better understand the challenges endangered species face,” said Carter Forbes, Wildlife Collection Co-Founder. “We want every customer to feel a direct connection to polar bears so they can feel empowered and inspired to help protect this vulnerable species.”

Krista Wright added, “We are proud to work with a business that shares our commitment to polar bear conservation. Their generosity will allow us to continue to grow our community and strengthen our movement in support of the actions necessary to protect the long-term survival of polar bears throughout the Arctic.” 

The campaign launched on January 28, 2021. For more information about purchasing a bracelet, visit the Wildlife Collections Save the Polar Bears Campaign page.




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