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11/19/2012 6:00:00 AM

More Giving to Polar Bears

Last week I shared a letter from a boy who raised money for PBI by selling baked goods. He's not the only PBI fundraiser out there. I can't highlight everyone who does good for PBI—there just isn't enough time or space—but here's a couple others who have come across my desk this week.

Hannah is a 12-year-old who takes photos of her stuffed animals in wild places and makes cards with the pictures. She calls them Hanimals. For every card she sells she donates 1/3 of the profits to PBI. She writes:

"My work for polar bears is important to me because polar bears are really cool, and they are my favorite animal. My first stuff animal was a polar bear and I have loved them ever since! I hope that my Hanimals work can be helpful for people to see and give hope that we can all make a difference."

She even caught the eye of the Washington Post

We also appreciate the work of DWND Clothing. They are a proud supporter of Canada Goose and PBI, and have set a goal of getting 100 polar bears symbolically adopted. If you adopt a bear through their site (all the funds go to PBI) you can be entered to win a Canada Goose PBI Chilliwack bomber jacket. The winner will be announced on November 29, so there isn't much time left. Of course, you can symbolically adopt a bear through our site any time.  

 You don't have to raise money to help polar bears, although it definitely helps. You can make a difference by reducing your carbon footprint. There are lots of ways to do that. And there is still a little time left to win a trip for two to Churchill for your good works. Tell us what you are doing at our online community, My Planet, My Part

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