A polar bear lounges on the tundra, waiting for the sea ice to return.

Join us in celebrating the magnificence of the bears, sharing their story, and mobilizing to save the sea ice they depend on.

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11/7/2019 4:38:06 PM

It's Polar Bear Week!

By Emily Ringer, Marketing and Communications Manager

A chill has arrived, and drifts of snow soften the shores of Hudson Bay. Tundra dwellers that morph to match their frosty home—like arctic hare, fox, and ptarmigan—now fade into this pearly landscape. The Churchill River has started feeding ice into the bay, and each day more and more polar bears arrive along the coast.

We kicked off this year's Polar Bear Week with the grand opening of our new Polar Bears International House—and a feeling of hope about our collective potential for positively impacting the future of polar bears across the circumpolar Arctic.

As we embed ourselves in this captivating landscape, we dedicate this week to celebrating the magnificence of the bears, sharing their story, and mobilizing to save the sea ice they depend on. 

Join us in the liveliest event lineup yet!

  • This year’s theme is to leverage our power as citizens to effect change, including voting with the climate in mind and supporting a shift to renewable energy. Learn more here.
  • Our live Polar Bear Cams will continue to bring the polar bear migration to you! This year we’ve partnered with explore.org on the first ever Polar Bear Cam Bingo—pull up a seat, fine-tune your eyes, and play with us!  
  • We’ll air two Tundra Connections webcasts this week: Polar Bear Research: Then and Now, Gr 8+, on Wed., Nov. 6th, 12 pm Central Time and Creative Conservation: Finding Answers from Far Away, Gr 6+, on Thurs., Nov. 7th, 2:00 pm Central Time. To join us, register and watch here.
  • We’ve also scheduled a live chat on Fri., Nov. 8th, at 12 pm Central Time: Celebrating Polar Bear Week, Our Top 10 Favorite FactsYou can watch it here.   
  • Through Augmented Reality, we worked with AVARA to bring people to the Arctic Circle to interact with and learn more about polar bears and climate change. Dive into a new view of the polar bear's world here! 
  • And finally, check out our top 10 favorite polar bear facts!

I hope you enjoy connecting with the bears, and we look forward to hearing and seeing your engagement! I’ll be in touch next Monday with an update on the final week of polar bear season. 

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