Two polar bear nuzzle on the tundra near Churchill

Two polar bears nuzzle on the tundra as they wait for the sea ice to return to Hudson Bay. The frozen bay provides access to ringed seals, the mainstay of the polar bear's diet.

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10/22/2018 3:34:11 PM

It's Polar Bear Season!

By Tara Kramer, Operations Manager

Crisp air and heavy parkas signal the beginning of polar bear season this fall for our team in Churchill, Manitoba. As polar bears gather to await the first sea ice forming in Hudson Bay, construction of the new Polar Bears International House stirs local excitement on the streets.

Our staff bustles out on the tundra—testing cameras, hauling gear, and hoisting antennas—to bring you a full schedule of live broadcasts from the field. Over the coming weeks experts from Polar Bears International will welcome researchers and educators from institutions around the world to discuss the nuances of polar bears and their changing Arctic habitat. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss what’s in store for this season:

  • Our Polar Bear Cams are now live, bringing the polar bear gathering to your home or work place. Watch for mothers, cubs, and sparring males on a snowy tundra.
  • Our first live chat, Welcome to the Polar Bear Capital of the World, is scheduled for Tuesday, October 23rd at 2 pm Central Time. We’ve also scheduled a second live chat, Working with Polar Bears, for Thursday, October 25 at 2:30 pm Central Time. You can watch them here.
  • We’ve also scheduled two Tundra Connections webcasts. The first, At the Top of the World with Polar Bears, Gr 3+, will air on Wednesday, October 24th at 1 pm Central Time. The second, Life in the Arctic, Top to Bottom, Gr 6+, is on Thursday, October 25th at 11:30 Central Time. To join, register and then watch here at the appropriate time.
  • Our annual fundraising gala, A Celebration of Hope, will take place in Winnipeg, gateway to Churchill, on Saturday, October 27th. We’re grateful to the sponsors and attendees who make this event possible. 
  • Interested in more polar bear news? Visit the home page of our website for recent blog posts on topics from the recent U.N. climate report to threats to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a prime denning area for polar bears.

I’ll be in touch next Monday with a look at the week ahead!

Prior to joining the staff of Polar Bears International, Tara spent nearly a decade working in field operations for the U.S. Polar Programs at remote research sites in Greenland and Antarctica. She studied writing at the University of Iowa and has a reverence for the vast polar ecosystems.

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