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4/29/2013 8:12:02 PM

Is the Polar Bear the World‰Ûªs Favorite Species? You Decide!

Guest Post: By Ellie Dart, ARKive

As a wildlife and education charity, we at Wildscreen are engaging the public with nature in our search to find the World's Favorite Species, through our ARKive initiative.

ARKive's mission is to promote the conservation of the world's biodiversity using the power of wildlife imagery. Working with the world's very best wildlife filmmakers and photographers, conservationists and scientists (including Polar Bears International), we're creating the world's ultimate free multimedia guide to the natural world, providing a truly unique educational resource and communication tool.

The World's Favorite Species campaign has been launched to celebrate ARKive's tenth anniversary. The first phase of the campaign encouraged the public to explore species on ARKive and nominate their favorite, from the weird to the wonderful, the widespread to the Critically Endangered, and the most-loved to the newly discovered. We crowd-sourced species nominations in their thousands over a one month period via the ARKive website and social media.

The 50 most frequently nominated species were then shortlisted and have now been put to the public vote in the search to find the World's Favorite Species.

It was no surprise to us here at ARKive that the polar bear made the top 50 list. There are over 15,500 species profiled on ARKive and last month the most visited page was that of the polar bear. With its distinctive thick fur, its jet black nose, and its huge forepaws, there is no doubt that the largest living land carnivore is a striking creature. But is it the world's favorite?

We can't wait to find out.

We're receiving votes for the World's Favorite Species in the thousands. The polar bear definitely has a chance of clinching the title, but it's up against some remarkable species including a flightless bird, the fastest land mammal, the ultimate fisher, and the largest animal to have ever lived.

The campaign offers a creative way of shining a spotlight on some of the world's most threatened species. So if you want to help raise the profile of the polar bear, here is your opportunity.

Voting is only open until the 8th May - so don't delay and vote today.

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