PBI is grateful for funding from the Holloman Price Foundation, which will help support our conservation efforts

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6/1/2016 6:55:26 PM

Hollomon Price Foundation Funds Polar Bear Conservation

Bozeman, Montana (June 1, 2016) – Polar Bears International has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Holloman Price Foundation for youth outreach, PBI’s Save Our Sea Ice Campaign, and human-polar bear conflict reduction. 

“Thanks to the Holloman Price Foundation’s generosity, we’ll be able to build on our work with youth and expand PBI’s Save Our Sea Ice campaign, which focuses on CO2 reduction efforts,” said Krista Wright, PBI’s executive director. “The grant will also support our efforts to reduce conflicts between polar bears and humans, which have been increasing in a warming Arctic. Taken together, these initiatives will have a real impact on polar bear conservation—and we’re truly grateful for the Foundation’s support.” 

The Holloman Price Foundation was founded in 1999 by Wayne Holloman Price. The Foundation grew out of her lifelong love of nature and her wish to use her wealth to help protect the planet and its environment. HPF endeavors to promote hope for humankind, create a new environmentally conscious way of life for humankind, and establish sustainable resources that do not spoil or diminish the natural systems supporting all life on Earth.

"HPF is happy to award Polar Bear International with a 2016 grant to support their important work in the Arctic,” said John E. Bellett, HPF's executive director. “Addressing climate change is and has been a priority of HPF, and we believe that supporting efforts to conserve Arctic wildlife is a very good use of our funds."

“Educating people to better protect animals and, ultimately, to better understand the challenges facing mankind due to climate change is of the utmost importance," he added.

Polar Bears International is a nonprofit dedicated to conserving polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. Through media, science, and advocacy, PBI works to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats to its future, and the connection between this remote region and our global climate.

PBI’s work with youth includes an array of educational content and outreach programs, including live webcasts from the tundra that connect students in remote classroom with scientists in the field. The organization’s Save Our Sea campaign focuses attention on sea ice losses in the Arctic and how we can help. And its conflict resolution efforts will help keep polar bears and people safe as more polar bears in more places are driven ashore by melting ice.

“We’ve already used some of the grant money from the Foundation to host a conflict-reduction workshop in Manitoba,” said Wright. “The workshop brought together participants from communities along the Hudson Bay. They were able to share challenges, learn from the experiences of others, and identify opportunities for greater collaboration. These include offering a polar bear guard training program, making deterrents more available in remote communities, identifying and addressing attractant issues, and creating educational materials on safety in polar bear country.”


Barbara Nielsen
Director of Communications

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