A polar bear tests the sea ice

Although many polar bears have moved onto the sea ice that rims the shore near Churchill, conditions are still in flux and most of the bay remains open water.

© Kt Miller/Polar Bears International

11/21/2019 5:36:00 PM

Heading Back onto the Sea Ice

By Emily Ringer, Marketing and Communications Manager

Another polar bear season has ended, with many of Churchill’s bears scattered across the band of ice forming along the shores of Hudson Bay. 

While there is enough ice for these bears to begin hunting, sea ice conditions in this region are still in flux. Earlier this week, fickle winds and warmer weather temporarily stalled freeze-up and blew ice away from shore. We hope to see the frigid cold return soon so sea ice can continue to spread across the bay, broadening the polar bear's seal-hunting grounds. 

With more and more bears venturing on to the ice, eager to break their long fast, our Polar Bear Cams have ended for the season. We’re now airing highlights until our live coverage returns next fall.

Sea ice on Hudson Bay, November 19, showing small band near Churchill
Here is a peek at the progress of freeze-up as of Tuesday, Nov 19. And as you can see, the shores near Churchill are swelling with ice, but the majority of Hudson Bay is still open water. Satellite imagery courtesy of Universität Bremen.

As we approach the season of gratefulness and giving, we look back on a remarkable bear season in which we:

Thanks so much for joining us on this journey. Your engagement, care, and compassion for polar bears bring us hope for their future. 

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