11/26/2013 4:17:52 PM

Gus the Dog Goes to Churchill

Each fall when the leaves start to turn, my mom, Krista, the executive director of Polar Bears International, takes off for the north. She always leaves me with one of my favorite friends, but I can't help but wonder where she goes? This year I got to go along. I'm so happy to be with my mom and three of my regular dog-sitters up in Churchill. There is always someone to play with.

When I arrived in Churchill in early October, it was nice and warm. We went down to the river lots and I got to play with my Frisbee in the sand. We don't have a lot of sand in Montana so I really enjoyed chasing my Frisbee around on the beach. The afternoons are my favorite because my people like to watch the sunset, which means that I get to go outside and play.

We go for lots of little walks and runs around town. I make sure to watch carefully so that no polar bears come near any of my people.

It has been very difficult to watch over and guard all my people up here in Churchill, so, like the rest of the PBI staff I have been working hard and not sleeping as much as I would like. I also really wish there was some grass to, well, you know...

Boomer and Ringo are my new doggy friends in Churchill. Their mom gives me moose bones! I miss the grass in Montana, but the moose bones kind of make up for it. Their dad, Parker, goes on long hunting trips to bring back big moose bones just for us! I like him a lot. Belinda, their mom, also has the best treats. I really like visiting their house.

I got very excited when the snow arrived. Snow banks are my favorite. I love it when snow piles up so that I can push my Frisbee deep into the snowdrift and then throw it up in the air and catch it again.

It is getting a little too cold up here now. My paws get chilly in the frigid arctic temperatures. I'm looking forward to heading home, but I sure will miss all of my new Churchill friends. Who knows, maybe I'll get to come back next year!

Gus is a Karelian bear dog and border collie mix. He loves long walks on the beach, mountain trail running, ski touring, and moose bones. He is a loyal friend and the ultimate road trip companion. In his free time he can be found playing Frisbee, or napping.

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