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12/3/2012 6:00:00 AM

Great Gifts from the PBI Store

We're playing "Cyber Monday" all month long! Last week we featured just a few of the products in the PBI gift center; today we have more.

We hope that you will think carefully about all your purchases this holiday season, including online buys. Savvy readers such as yourself know that to save polar bears, we need to save their habitat. And saving their habitat means stopping global warming. So everything we do matters—from driving less to making smart purchases.

This holiday season, and all year, we are featuring sustainably made products in the PBI store. For the next few weeks I'll be featuring some of those things that we think make thoughtful, smart, and fun gifts.

PBI Lodge Hoody-- by Canada Goose

The PBI Lodge Hoody is extremely warm and windproof but compresses to almost nothing, making it ideal for backcountry activities and lightweight packing. Made from the most premium Canadian down available, it also has a double layer windproof shell. The Polar Bears International logo and signature blue color will show your support for the conservation of polar bear habitats and PBI. 

PBI Trucker Hat

This stylin' hat is 70% Organic Cotton and 30% Recycled Polyester Mesh. The PBI patch will insure that noone mistakes you for a redneck. We sourced this hat from a company called econscious: wearables with values. It's black w/ oyster mesh.

Polar Bears: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior

Signed by Andrew Derocher--On Sale!

Andrew E. Derocher and Wayne Lynch have spent decades following polar bears. With gripping photographs by Lynch, and the personal stories of Derocher, this book is as stunning to look at as it is fascinating to read. It weaves together their remarkable experiences with the latest research to tell the amazing story of these Arctic predators.

Derocher carefully explains the sea ice ecosystem that is essential to the survival of polar bears and he addresses the threat of global warming to the Arctic. Lynch's vivid photographs capture all this and more as they chronicle the wide range of polar bear behavior, from family rituals to ferocious predatory practices. Captivating, accurate, and inspiring, Polar Bears belongs in the hands of all who love the wild.

Hand Blown Glass Polar Bear Ornament

Each one of these glass polar bears are hand-blown and hand-sculpted by the artisans at AO! Glass in Burlington, Vermont. For AO Glass, the best art takes on a life that shapes our thinking and stirs us to action. One example of sustainability efforts they are pursuing through their art is their partnership with Polar Bears International.

In their partnership with PBI, Arentzen and Ohlander create polar bear glass art and make a donation of $5 to PBI for each piece sold. By purchasing this piece of art, you are contributing to PBI and a small, fair trade artisan business. They are stunning, adorable and absolutely irresistible. It hangs on a blue silk ribbon. 

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