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1/9/2015 3:56:53 PM

Good News Friday {Pope for Climate}

This week we are just sharing one item of good news. Not because there aren't others, such as: 

We just think the following is SUCH good news, we are giving it its own space:

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church with its 1.2 billion members, hopes to inspire climate change action at the UN convention on climate change (COP 21) in Paris next December.

In March, the pope will visit the Philippine city of Tacloban, which was devastated in 2012 by typhoon Haiyan. Following that, he will publish a rare encyclical on climate change and human ecology.

This encyclical is expected to further solidify the Catholic Church's strong stance on climate change and its focus on the impact to people around the globe.

Dr. Michael Naughton, Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas told the Guardian,

"For Francis, our ecological crisis highlights how important the relationship between faith and science is. On one hand, science enriches faith by protecting it from superstition and ideologies. On the other hand, faith helps science to see the deeper human implications of the reality in front of it. One of the terms that will most likely to come from Francis' encyclical is 'human ecology,' which sees our ecological crisis in terms of both our natural as well as cultural and social environments." Read more.

Have a great weekend!

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