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5/30/2014 1:29:32 PM

Good News Friday {Polar Bear Hospital, Windy Trains, Solar Roads, UK Energy, Repairable Clothes}

From renewable energy-powered Dutch trains, to solar freakin' roadways, to UK energy cuts, and jean repair, we cover it in Good News Friday--our weekly roundup of encouraging news related to polar bear conservation and action on climate change.

• Earlier this week, we reported that new equipment has given the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service the capability to treat polar bears on the scene. In April, a brand new polar bear holding module and two smaller transport cages arrived in Anchorage and will soon be shipped to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. That means no more life flights to Anchorage for sick or injured bears. Read more.

• Does the wind in the Netherlands blow hard enough to push a train? Apparently. It was recently announced that all Dutch electric trains could be getting their power from renewable sources by 2018. A cooperative comprised of various local rail carriers signed an agreement with the utility Eneco to deliver 1.4TWh of electricity to them. All of it will come from wind farms in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Belgium. Read more. 

• If a Dutch train won't get you where you are going, maybe a solar road will. A funny, and convincing, fundraising video (below) outlines how solar roadways might save the world. While polar bears don't drive, these "Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!" might be an important key to keeping their habitat, well, habitable. Read more. 

• While clean, renewable energy will help us solve one part of the global warming puzzle, we also need to consume less. In the UK, consumption of electricity is at its lowest since 1998. Now, the rest of us need to scale back, too. Read more.

• What we wear says a lot about us. Nudie Jeans is working hard to reduce the environmental impact of denim: they use organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather, pay fair wages and have a detailed description of where their materials are sourced in their production guide. Now they are taking a stab at the "reuse" part of "reduce, reuse, recycle" by opening repair shops in their retail stores. Read more. 

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