11/15/2013 3:14:58 AM

Good News Friday {Naropa Divests, Icelandic Sustainability, Australian Carbon Tax, PBI in the News}

At the end of the work week we like to look back at the good things that happened for polar bears and carbon emission reduction.

• A university in Boulder, Colorado has decided to divest from fossil fuels. Following a unanimous vote by Naropa University's endowment committee, the institution has fully divested from their holdings in companies identified as having the highest potential greenhouse gas emissions, based on their carbon reserves. The decision places Naropa among only a handful of other United States colleges and universities leading the charge toward more environmentally responsible investing. 

• Iceland has detailed its new sustainable initiatives as it prepares to take over as president of the Nordic Council of Ministers in January.

EyglÌ_ HarÌ¡ardÌ_ttir, Iceland's minister for Nordic co-operation, said the program identifies various opportunities utilizing local resources including the environment and the expertise of the Nordic community.

"Our natural resources are not inexhaustible and therefore we have a duty to ensure sustainable use and avoid waste," she said. "If we want to ensure green growth in the long-run, we must also link these goals to education and the upbringing of our children." 

 PBI scientists Dr. Steve Amstrup and Dr. Tom Smith, along with Frontiers North Adventures' John Gunter were featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams Wednesday evening. NBC Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent Anne Thompson joined us on the tundra last week to learn about polar bears and climate change. We are so glad to see good reporting about climate change. 

Have a great weekend!

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