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9/27/2013 3:35:27 AM

Good News Friday {Manitoba Stands Against Oil Transport, French Fossil Fuel Tax, Alumni Inspired}

It's Friday again, and that means it is time for some good news!

From a provincial government standing against oil transportation on the tundra, to France taxing fossil fuel, we focus on this and other positive news in our Good News Friday round-up:

• The Manitoba government said it cannot support the transportation of oil across its fragile tundra. According to National Democratic Party (NDP) Transportation Minister Steve Ashton, the rail company's plans to start transporting oil across hundreds of kilometers of remote rail line built on permafrost is too risky to the environment and the safety of those who live in the north. While getting away from fossil fuels is the bigger issue, we think it's a nice first step. 

• France has announced that starting next year, fossil fuel use will be taxed and the money used to further reduce emissions. Putting a price on carbon is what the whole world needs to be doing. The tax will target transport fuels and domestic heating, as these are not covered by the continent-wide Emissions Trading Scheme that focuses on European energy and industry. Fuel use is already taxed in France, but from next year part of this tax will be determined by the fuel's greenhouse gas emissions. The move is predicted to raise €4 billion a year by 2016 which can then be spent on tax breaks for home insulation, for instance. 

• PBI held our first Arctic Ambassador and Leadership Camp Alumni Gathering last weekend. You can read all about it here. The participants definitely walked away inspired. Here are just a few of the comments they posted on Facebook:

I am inspired!!!! I can't wait to start on our goals tomorrow!! I also have a few personal goals...I am working through how to make myself accountable. I will share more soon!!! -Jessica Cranfill

Had an awesome experience at The Gathering this weekend. Have a plan and going to get it done. What a great group of people! -Becky Lynagh

This weekend was just what we needed to reignite the fire under our rears. No more excuses...we're going home with a plan!! -Carol McCallum

I think tonight's Alumni reunion discussion was the most engaging and productive yet. Thank you all. I feel good. -Philip Fensterer  

We hope you are inspired to have a great weekend!

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