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4/22/2016 5:00:00 AM

Good News Friday {Earth Day}

Earth Day took place this week with over a billion people in 192 countries taking part. This year's celebration focused on a global theme of green cities, with a push for renewable energy a key part of dialogue. Check out this Earth Day round-up of events held around the world—from green workshops to urban cycling events, rallies, tree-plantings, and clean-ups.

In other news:

The EPA used Earth Day as a platform for announcing the biggest losers in its annual National Buildings Competition—with reductions measured in terms of the energy saved. All told, 3,000 building competed in the contest, saving a combined total of more than 130,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and $20 million on utility bills! Learn more and meet the winners here.

On Earth Day, we held a Google+ Hangout on Polar Bear Play with students and teachers as part of our Tundra Connections® program. This year we invited classes to share their conservation actions with us—and encouraged them to take our No Idling Challenge. Here's a sampling of what they're doing:

  • We recycle everyday in our classroom by putting items in a recycle bin. We also use both sides of paper. Today we wrote papers about how to keep the earth clean! -- Deerfield, Illinois
  • As a school we recycle in each of our classrooms every day. We are also doing an up-cycling event as a district to recycle electronic devices. -- Miss O'Connell's 2nd Grade Class at Hayes Elementary in Fridley.
  • We only use one set of lights in our classroom at one time, in order to save energy. -- Mrs. Mann's Class in Round Rock Texas
  • We recycle in the lunchroom, have a green team, and have a bike to school day May 7th. -- Oxford, MI
  • We're doing more recycling and next year will spend the year focusing on community and being green! -- McMillan Magnet in Omaha, Nebraska

We also launched our partnership with Cheetah Conservation Fund on Earth Day through a Google+ Hangout. Our goal is to open a new dialogue on climate change and motivate action. If you missed the broadcast, you can watch it here.

Our Arctic Ambassador Centers celebrated Earth Day in a big way, too, as they continue to lead the way in their communities to sustainable lifestyles. Many of them promoted our No Idling Challenge. We're grateful to all of them—and to you—for joining us in making every day an Earth Day!

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