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8/29/2014 3:24:31 PM

Good News Friday {Chinese Electric, Indian Smart Cities, US Renewables }

From Chinese investment in electric vehicles, to Indian smart cities, to renewables in the U.S., we cover it in this week's Good News Friday.

It's the time we talk about good things happening to mitigate global warming and benefit polar bears.

• Has China turned a corner? Last week we reported that the Chinese oil boom might be over. Then, China announced additional policy support for electric car purchases, offering tax breaks predominantly for cars made by Chinese automakers. And they are putting their money where their mouth is—China is set to invest a hundred billion yuan (about $16.3 billion U.S.) into electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them, like public charging stations, according to "two people familiar with the matter," said Bloomberg News. Read more

• India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has put a plan in motion to build 100 smart cities. Modi has long liked the idea of smart cities, and he set the ball rolling in Gujarat with the Greenfield Gujarat International Finance Tec-city (GIFT). This venture is now proceeding rapidly, with 11 million square feet allotted for construction. Modi has started implementing the idea all across India. Read more

• The U.S. seems to be making strides toward cleaner energy, too. Renewable energy may not dominate the electric grid yet (far from it), but it is growing fast. In three of the last ten months, renewable energy accounted for 100% of new electricity capacity twice and 99.3% once. Read more

Have a great weekend!

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