1/3/2014 5:11:16 AM

Good News Friday {Bears in News, Energy Food, Better Box}

We like to go into the weekend with a smile on our face and we bet you do too. It's time for our first Good News Friday of 2014 and we can't wait to see what this year brings.

On Fridays we look at the good things that are happening for polar bears and carbon reduction.

• We love when polar bears make the news. It's even better when the work of one of our friends and polar bear researchers is part of the story. It happened twice this week. Renowned polar bear scientist and longtime member of PBI's Scientific Advisory Council, Dr. Ian Stirling, was honored by The Society for Marine Mammology for his work on polar bears and sea ice. And if that's not enough, our chief scientist, Dr. Steven Amstrup was interviewed on National Public Radio. He spoke with Elizabeth Shogren about the challenges facing polar bears and the urgent need to take action to reduce to greenhouse gas emissions.

• New York City announced a new scheme in which truckloads of organic food waste will help to boost production of methane-rich biogas at the city's largest wastewater treatment plant — biogas that will be purified and used to heat homes. Yum! 

• Two undergraduate students at Cooper Union have built a better box, which could make a huge difference in the packing and shipping business, by saving time, money, and resources. Chris Curro and Henry Wang, both engineering students at Cooper Union, invented a new type of packing carton, called the Rapid Packing Container, which uses up to 20% less cardboard, is quicker to use for both packing and unpacking, requires no tape, and can be easily flipped inside out for reuse. 

Have a great weekend!

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