Chris Waldron and his wife, Kristen, in Churchill

© Courtesy of Chris Waldron

10/15/2015 1:17:58 PM

Climate Alliance – Where are they now? {Chris Waldron}

As part of our 10-year anniversary celebration of Polar Bear International's Climate Alliance, we will be highlighting a few of our 248 graduates throughout the fall. Check back every week to see what our grads are doing to take action on climate.

Chris Waldron attended the first Zookeeper Leadership Camp (now the Climate Alliance) as a facilitator in 2009. At the time, he was working for the Philadelphia Zoo. As he's moved on in his career, the conservation message and inspiration he gained through the Climate Alliance stayed with him.

Chris is now the Director of Sustainability for Camden County, New Jersey, directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. There he coordinates sustainability initiatives across Camden County through Sustainable Camden County. He is also an adjunct professor at two universities where he is motivated by his students and their interest and passion in protecting the natural world.

 "My experiences in collaborating with PBI while I worked at the Philadelphia Zoo definitely motivated me to continue working in the sustainability field after I left the zoo," Chris said.

When teaching university classes, Chris shares his PBI experience in Churchill with his students.

"To me, (polar bears) are the 'canary in the coal mine' for climate change," Chris said. "We should care because it is our responsibility not to harm, but to protect the wildlife and wild places of the world. And we should also care because what is happening in the Arctic will inevitably happen to the rest of the planet if we don't take action immediately to at least slow down the effect of more pollution and more greenhouse gases."

Chris was the first Sustainability Director for the Philadelphia Zoo for four of the 18 years he worked there.

"I felt I was able to be a part of making the zoo much more aware of their own environmental footprint and in helping take steps to reduce that impact. I hope that I am able to do the same for the county in which I call home."

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