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9/23/2014 5:00:00 AM

{Climate Alliance Alum} Katie Billing (1)

Katie was part of Polar Bear's International's 2008 Leadership Camp, representing the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently the sustainability evangelist and program coordinator for Purposeful Networks (previously myActions) where she works on the InnerView Internship Program for college students to highlight their volunteerism and civic engagement experience, helping them show the best side of what they do.

"Polar Bears International influenced my path to get here because when I was in high school and college I volunteered at the Brookfield Zoo and for PBI, to bring forward my passion for conservation and call people to action on behalf of polar bears. What I do now is help other students have a platform to share their voice for causes that they care about. I was fortunate to work with PBI and explore.org to blog about issues up north and served as a leader on my campus to generate change. 

"I have to say that being recognized as a PBI leader influenced who I am today. I was in a class of 15 students and PBI saw potential in me. Having the PBI team believe in me and show me how I can impact the planet is what has shaped me as a person. I believe that I can accomplish my hopes and dreams because PBI has connected me in the zoological/science world and has supported me along the way as I was growing into a conservation leader. I owe a lot of who I am and what I aspire to do­ to PBI who planted the seed in me that I matter and that what I do matters.

"I am proud to be a PBI alumni because PBI is the world leader in polar bear research and saving the species as a whole. Polar bears are a big part of my life and I've become sustainably minded because of them. I am also so proud of the PBI team, everyone working with PBI has been absolutely amazing and it has been really cool to see Krista Wright grow and develop PBI as the executive director­-I knew her as one of our adult mentors for my leadership camp. Also meeting researchers like Dr. Steven Amstrup and Dr. Andrew Derocher is so inspiring! It's cool to see an article and say, 'HEY! I KNOW THEM!"

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