9/23/2014 5:00:00 AM

{Climate Alliance Alum} Julie Hodgin

Julie attended Polar Bears International's Teen Leadership Camp in Churchill in 2011 and was a Project Polar Bear contest semi-finalist in 2010. She is currently studying at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and was an intern at both the North Carolina Zoo and the Alaska SeaLife Center. 

Julie grew up and lives in the southeastern United States. One of the challenges PBI helped her face is understanding and communicating with people who don't see climate change as a problem.

"Because many people cannot see the active changes that are occurring because of climate change, that causes a lot of apathy and misunderstanding. This is a struggle that I still deal with, however, because of Polar Bears International, I have been able to experience climate change first­hand when I visited Churchill, Manitoba for leadership camp. I am able to relate these experiences to the people I interact with, and can appropriately express the urgency that conservation requires."

At UNCG, Julie is participating in Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN). This is a national competition to determine which university can decrease the most carbon emissions. Her group determined a sustainability baseline for all of the dorms on campus. Then spent two weeks "telling everyone to conSERVE!" 

"I'm so excited to see what UNCG, and other campuses around the United States can do!" she said. 

UNCG Now wrote a story about her work with polar bears and at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska.

Several other team members and mentors of Julie's from the North Carolina Zoo are Leadership Camp Alumni, and this year we are sending another keeper from their team to Churchill to build capacity. They are one of the first of our Arctic Ambassador Centers to create an internal AAC team to work on communicating climate change and providing opportunities for the public to reduce carbon.

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