A curious polar bear sniffs the camera.

By minimizing food attractants through polar-bear-resistant bins, we can greatly reduce potentially dangerous encounters.

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8/17/2020 1:05:47 PM

Bear-Safe Bins

Help keep polar bears and people safe!

This year’s summer sea ice melt in the Arctic is on track to be one of the largest on record, part of a long-term, troubling downward trend.

As sea ice loss increases, more and more polar bears are being forced ashore in more places—and for longer periods—putting them at greater risk for conflicts with people.

Shorter on-ice periods also means that many bears are hungrier when they come ashore, leading them to seek alternative food sources. But as with black and brown bears, we can greatly reduce potentially dangerous encounters by minimizing food attractants. 

Here’s how you can help. By joining our Bear-Safe Bins Fundraiser, you can help us deliver polar-bear-resistant bins to communities that share a landscape with polar bears. This is a simple solution to a growing problem. With your gift today, we can provide a valuable tool for communities working to reduce conflict with polar bears—helping to keep both polar bears and people safe from harm.

Bear-resistant bins. We have already deployed two pilot bins for use by multiple households in the town of Churchill as part of its Polar Bear Safe Community initiative. Now we are raising funds for additional bins that can be distributed to communities in need.

Each bin costs around $1,000, including delivery, but the benefits to polar bears are immeasurable. Will you help us reach our goal of deploying five new bins this year and help prevent unnecessary injuries or deaths?

Donate today and we’ll send you one of our Vote for Polar Bears stickers—along with our heartfelt gratitude for your role in reducing conflict. 

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