Banrock Station Wines is once again providing support for polar bears and their fragile sea ice habitat through a grant to Polar Bears International.

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5/26/2017 7:18:16 PM

Banrock Station Wines and Polar Bear Conservation

As part of its global commitment to conservation, Banrock Station Wines is once again providing support for polar bears and their fragile sea ice habitat. The grant to Polar Bears International will support several research and outreach projects. Banrock Station Wines has been a PBI sponsor since 2013.

The company’s support of the Hudson Bay Polar Research and Conservation Outreach Project will improve our understanding of habitat use and selection—as well as migration patterns—by male and subadult polar bears in western Hudson Bay during critical times of the year: sea ice freeze-up, spring hunting, and sea ice break-up.

“This project will help fill critical gaps in our knowledge about certain demographics of polar bears in Hudson Bay (adult males and subadults), ultimately helping managers to develop more inclusive conservation measures for polar bears in the region, something that will only become more important as the climate continues to change,” said Alysa McCall, director of conservation outreach and a staff scientist at PBI.

Banrock Station Wines is also helping to fund the Western Hudson Bay Coastal Survey, an aerial research project conducted by PBI in cooperation with Manitoba Conservation. As part of this project, scientists observe a large sample of the Hudson Bay polar bears along the coast in a short period of time—just before the ice forms and again when the ice breaks up in summer. The surveys allow scientists to map the population's distribution patterns and also provide data on its composition—tracking how many cubs there are, for example.

Banrock Station Wines will fund the projects with $145,308 over two years. The grant started in 2016 and will end in June of 2018.

For nearly 20 years, Banrock Station Wines has brought the pleasure of fine Australian wine and the message of conservation to the world.

Central to Banrock Station’s success is a genuine commitment to the environment, with a portion of proceeds from every sale contributing to conservation projects around the world, enabling consumers to make genuine contributions to global conservation. Banrock Station Trust's commitment to date exceeds AUD $5 million, supporting more than 120 projects in 13 countries.

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