Community Member

Positive change in your community creates resonance.

It’s not too late to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If community leaders around the world work together, we can ensure a future for polar bears.

Whether you make small, actionable changes in your lifestyle, or work 
with local organizations through education or action toolkits, your 
initiative matters.

Together as a global community, we can make a difference.

In addition to signing our Petition for Polar Bears or donating to PBI,  review the following methods to make a meaningful difference.

Live Clean

Scientists have identified actions you can take everyday that will have the largest impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Save our Sea Ice Campaign

Engage in our Save Our Sea Ice Campaign. Share the information and tools we’ve assembled with local influencers and teachers, or manage one of our community challenges yourself. Everything adds up.

Leave a lasting legacy

Donate to help PBI fund ongoing research and conservation efforts in the Arctic. Whether it’s a one-time donation, a monthly contribution or a legacy offering, PBI thanks you for your support.

glaciers floating ont he ocean
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