The Climate Connection

The trend in Arctic sea-ice losses from a warming world is clear and underscores the need for action. And that action must come from each of us, not just from those who live near the polar bears' home. This unit explores how you and your students can become part of the momentum to make a low-carbon lifestyle the norm, not the exception.

Lesson Plans

  • Taking Action! Lesson Plan: Students will gain an understanding of the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment. With that knowledge, they'll implement an action plan of conservation behaviors.

Other Resources

Videos on Climate Change, Sea Ice, and Polar Bears

  • Polar Bears & Climate Change: Scientist Andrew Derocher describes what it means to polar bears to have less access to sea ice in a warming world. Learn why it is important for the public and policymakers to have a clear understanding of the issues.
  • Can Polar Bears Adapt to Life on Land? Graduate student Evan Richardson answers the question of whether polar bears can live without sea ice. The short answer: no. Learn why here.
  • Sea Ice and Temperature Trends: This sea-ice loss video depicts the changes in the extent of arctic sea ice between 1978 to 2012.