Livin’ Large Like a Polar Bear

This integrated unit supports our Livin' Large Like a Polar Bear webcast—part of our Tundra Connections series!


  • Polar Bears By the Numbers: Did you know a polar bear is tall enough to dunk a basketball? Or that one polar bear walked all the way from Alaska to Greenland and back? Polar bear scientist John Whiteman talks about polar bears by the numbers—in a kid-friendly way!
  • Polar Bear Adaptations: Polar bear scientists Alysa McCall explains polar bear adaptations to a younger audience in this light-hearted, rapid-fire short video.

Take Action!

  • Classroom Eco-Challenge: Make a list of conservation actions to do in your classroom, then assign points for each action and reach towards your goal of helping polar bears and their sea-ice habitat.
  • Phantom Power Hunt: Download and learn about energy vampires.
    Join our Save Our Sea Ice campaign and learn how to stop wasting energy—in your home, school, and community.

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