Countdown to Svalbard

7/13/2011 5:54:27 PM

Countdown to Svalbard

My last trip to Svalbard was almost two years ago. Soon I will be there again and this blog post is the beginning of my report from this incredible land of ice, water, wildlife, and sky.

Bear on rocky shore in Svalbard

A polar bear makes its way over barren rocks surrounded by patches of snow near Svalbard, Norway.

This adventure has several purposes. One is to expose our guests to one of the most impressive wilderness experiences left on planet earth as part of our Invitational Photo Tours. The other is take photos and video for Polar Bears International (PBI) as part of the PBI Arctic Documentary Project. This project is an ongoing chronicle of the changing Arctic due to a warming climate. It's modeled after earlier documentary projects including the historic photos taken during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Era and William Henry Jackson's work in Yellowstone National Park.

Blogging Updates

If possible, I'll be blogging on a regular basis about our adventures in this magical landscape. I say "if possible" since I'm not positive that the satellite phone I've acquired will work as flawlessly as I'm told. We're hopeful, and the tests here in Montana look promising, but Svalbard is a long way north and satellites are not as prevalent in that part of the world. I'm crossing my fingers that the photos zip through the Internet there as fast as they did during our tests in a Montana parking lot. Cross your fingers. We really want to bring you updates as they happen in nearly real time.

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