Churchill: Day Three

11/24/2010 2:16:51 PM

Churchill: Day Three

Temperatures on the shores of Hudson Bay were mild as I climbed out of my sleeping bag to greet the day. The wind was calm and the polar bear activity was high.

A polar bear looks at the camera

We witnessed a few males wandering by as well as three or four family groups in the area. Unfortunately, we're also seeing a very skinny mother with two little cubs that have been sleeping in a snow bank to the south of the lodge. They're not looking good and that's a hard thing to watch, especially when we're powerless to help them. The other bears in the area seem to be looking OK, but they're all anticipating the sea ice that is slowly beginning to form outside our windows.

Geoff York being interviewed

Our afternoon was busy today, filled with interviews and recording. Time seems to slip by quickly and our week is being whittled away hour by hour. This is all magnified by the short amount of daylight in the north this time of year. The sunset was spectacular tonight, red streaks of light shown brightly below a low cloud layer near the horizon. All was reflected by the frozen lake to the west of the lodge. The wind changed from still to calm as the sun dipped below the horizon and darkness fell over the tundra.

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