Cape Churchill Day Four

11/26/2010 2:38:20 PM

Cape Churchill Day Four

I woke to yet another glorious day here at Cape Churchill. Sunny, relatively mild (only -18 C!) and lots of polar bear activity near the Tundra Buggy Lodge before we even loaded up on the tundra buggies. After a hearty breakfast we grabbed our cameras and cold weather gear and off we went.

I'm here as a PBI volunteer with no real photography experience. I've spent the past week just happy to watch the polar bear activity and work with the guests, as I was with a new group each day. All changed yesterday when a camera (a very nice camera), not my sure shot, was forced into my hands. I was a bit apprehensive as I know nothing about taking photos with this kind of equipment. I was assured that it was easy; just point at bear and push the button. I also knew I had lots of new friends on the buggy who would be happy to help an enthusiastic amateu

After driving just a few minutes outside of camp we were on a long spit (Cape Churchill proper) and surrounded by polar bears. I managed to capture seven bears in one frame:

Seven polar bears in one shot!

Four are easy to spot, two are resting and look like rocks.

Later in the day I had this curious little guy come up to the back of the buggy for a quick hello.

A young cub peers up at the buggy

Photos ©Rachel York.

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