5/24/2012 2:14:39 PM

Klimawandel? Nein Danke!

Climate change? No thanks!Climate change? No thanks!

Kids are SOOO inspiring: Students at a secondary school in Cologne, Germany, created this poster to show their commitment to action on climate change as part of a school presentation. As part of the event, Robert Buchanan of Polar Bears International gave a speech encouraging their efforts and Dr. Lydia Kolter of the Cologne Zoo answered questions.

Prior to the event, the school was already involved in an energy-saving program (lowering thermostats, turning off lights, and recycling). They've now added meat-free days to their school cafeteria, calling them Polar Bear Days. What's more, the students plan to give presentations in other schools and to share their project with friends around the world.

Cologne students? THANKS!

Cologne students

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