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Wednesday Shout-Outs {January 30, 2013}

It's time for our (mostly) weekly shout-outs. Each Wednesday we are featuring several people who are working hard to fight climate change and save polar bears.

  • One of our Project Polar Bear teams hosted a "Polar Bear Night" at their elementary school. They had 30 parents and more than 30 students attend the event.

 "The Ice Ice Savers ran five different stations teaching the students about polar bears and what they can do to help! The students played the board game Polar  Bear Trek, listened to a story about Knut, painted polar bear pictures, participated in the polar bear blubber simulation, and ran in the recycle run! The kids had a  blast all while learning about polar bears.

"While the students were learning from the team, the parents learned about polar bears from Mrs. Whitney. She started by explaining what PBI is and what Project Polar Bear is. Then, Maddie from our team talked about what our team was doing for our project. Parents learned about waste-free lunches and recycling centers in our area. We also discussed how to do reduce, reuse, and recycle in the proper order. Parents then were asked to estimate how long different things take to biodegrade. They were SHOCKED to find out not only how long some things take but also that some things may never biodegrade. At the end of the night before everyone left we also had everyone sign a green pledge of what they will do to help polar bears!" Talk about inspiring.

  • Last week I wrote about President Obama's commitment to climate change. soon after, Sen. John Kerry was sworn in as Secretary of State. John Kerry said the US should pursue policies to boost clean energy and slow the effects of climate change in his confirmation hearing Thursday. Climate change has been a focus of John Kerry's career in the Senate. Let's hold our elected officials to their promises. 
  • Two of Polar Bear International's Arctic Ambassadors are spreading the word about climate change and its effects on polar bears and everything else living on this planet.

Andrew Fore posted this on the Arctic Ambassador Facebook page, "Another science day at a local elementary school completed this morning; 250+ students. Science night at another local school tonight; 600+ people. Gotta' keep educating people and inspiring them!"

Tammy Hill posted, "Today Gail Karr and I participated in a presentation for the MZA's (Memphis Zoo) Education program for Homeschool Academy. Great group of young teens. Gail presented photos and talked about her past trip to Churchill with PBI, we discussed climate change and its effects, passed out PBI literature, did a behind the scenes of our Northwest Passage Exhibit, explained International Polar Bear Day, and last but not least, told them to get their friends together and participate in Bundle Up for Bears! Go Green in 2013!

Let us know if you know someone who deserves a shout-out.

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