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Wednesday Shout-Out, March 19, 2014 {Kids, Trees, Sweaters, and Interviews}

Kids getting active, trees being planted, contests won, and ugly sweaters worn—we have a lot to shout about today.

• The kindergarteners at St. Matthews School in Illinois learned all about polar animals and the challenges they face with a warming climate. Inspired by their studies, and likely the cute arctic animals, the kids took action to help.

The kids hosted a circus and parade to raise money for Polar Bears International. Their teachers wrote, "We are so proud of their efforts! Thank you for working to save our polar regions!"

Thanks to the St. Matthews kindergarten classes for their caring and hard work. YOU are an inspiration to all of us!

• Each year, PBI hosts a friendly tree planting competition—Trees for You and Me—and we just announced the 2013 winners

Brookfield AAZK Chapter came in first (for the fourth year in a row!) by raising $1860.45, Lincoln Park AAZK Chapter brought in $1,195.00 and the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of AAZK raised $1,100.00. In total, the participating chapters raised $6,505.45 for tree planting!

Trees for You and Me was launched by former PBI field ambassadors and AAZK Chapters to raise money for urban tree-planting programs, to fund planting in tropical rainforests, and to prevent deforestation and encourage community involvement. Congratulations to all the teams and thanks for your hard work. We can all breathe a little easier now.

The Memphis Zoo hosted an Ugly Sweater Party on International Polar Bear Day. It's not just that they are a fashion-forward group; they wanted to encourage people to turn their thermostats down and bundle up with an ugly sweater.

They chose a winner at the zoo and another winner from Facebook photos. Even without an ugly sweater, we all win when thermostats are lowered in cold weather and raised during hot spells.

 One of the winners of our Project Polar Bear contest, the Green Dream Team, was recently interviewed by a local radio station. The sixth graders are continuing to get the message out about reducing our carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change. Click over to the story (there's a text version, too) to find out what tips and tricks these kids have for reducing carbon emissions.

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