8/20/2014 4:31:23 PM

{Wednesday Shout Out} Kids for Polar Bears

On occasional Wednesdays, we like to give a shout out to people who are doing good things for polar bears. We often get donations and letters from young people who are concerned about the future of polar bears and the planet.

We recently received a donation from Julia Pletche and Kaitlyn Hahn.

Julia's mom, Sarah, wrote, "They both like making rainbow loom bracelets, and Julia had the idea that instead of just selling them for the money, they could donate it to save the polar bears. Kaitlyn loved the idea so they got together and built a stand this past Monday evening. I had no idea we would get so much interest, but neighbors and people passing by bought enough bracelets that they were able to donate $50 (and keep a little for their expenses)."

Finn and Anders have been raising money for PBI, too. They are doing it by selling jokes. This summer they've set up a booth at their local Farmers Market to help people feel good about doing good. Half of their proceeds go to charities of their choosing.

"I just really like polar bears," said six-year-old Finn.

His favorite joke?

Q: What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a seal?

A: A polar bear!

We are so proud of all the kids (and adults) out there who are finding creative ways to make a difference in their world.

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