2/25/2015 11:46:51 PM

Social Media for YOU to Use on International Polar Bear Day

PBI's International Polar Bear Day is almost here, February 27th! Join us in helping polar bears and their sea ice home by signing our Carbon Fee Petition and taking our Thermostat Challenge.

You can help make this the BIGGEST Polar Bear Day yet by creating a polar bear blizzard on social media. Save the images above and below and share them on your social networks—or create your own.

Cover and Profile Pics

Become a polar bear for a day by adding the cover and profile picture (below) to your page.

Other Images

Use one of the photos (above or below) to post on your favorite sites. You could include text like this:



Use #PolarBearDay, #ThermostatChallenge, and #Hygge. On Instagram, add #saveourseaice for inclusion in our website gallery.

Show Your Polar Bear Spirit! 

On #PolarBearDay, share a photo of yourself taking the #ThermostatChallenge and enjoying #Hygge afor polar bears. (Not cold where you live? Share an image of yourself weather-stripping your doors or saving energy another way.)

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