12/5/2014 2:46:20 PM

PBI at Climate Change Talks in Lima

Polar bears are in Lima! Well, sort of

Christopher J. Carter is representing PBI and the Youth Arctic Coalition at the COP 20 Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru, which will run through December 12th. He'll be reporting on the conference in the PBI Blog. You can also find his updates on his Instagram page.

Many delegates are expressing a sense of HOPE that this year's negotiations will result in a worldwide deal that will be finalized at next year's Paris conference. Among the reasons for optimism:

  • The United States and China, the world's top greenhouse gas polluters, announced a landmark agreement in November to cut their emissions
  • A month earlier, the European Union pledged to reduce its emissions 40 percent by 2030, compared with 1990 levels
  • The UN's Green Climate Fund, which helps emerging economies cut emissions and prepare for climate change, is on track to meet its ten-billion-dollar goal

You can help ensure a positive outcome by signing our Petition for Polar Bears to let world leaders know you want meaningful action.

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