Two male polar bears spar on the tundra

Two male polar bears spar on the tundra while waiting for the sea ice to return--play sessions that may help them prepare for fights over females during breeding season.

© Simon Gee/Polar Bears International

11/4/2018 12:53:08 PM

It's Polar Bear Week!

By Tara Kramer, Operations Manager

It's Polar Bear Week, and while we hoped for frigid weather, continued mild temperatures and calm winds have once again revealed open water in tundra ponds near Churchill. A light dusting of snow spreads across the expanse.

Last week, an unparalleled number of male polar bears sparred just within sight of our Tundra Connections guests and Polar Bears International staff. And, of course, the Polar Bear Cam caught it all to share with viewers around the world!

As the bears—and our team—await the approaching sea ice, we continue to bring you live webcasts and chats. Last week, Amy Cocksedge and Dr. Greg Thiemann of York University and Liam O’Doherty of TakingITGlobal discussed new technology, partnerships, and research developments that aim to protect both polar bears and people. (See the archived webcast here.)

We also joined Churchill residents in welcoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the polar bear capital, celebrating the return of rail service after more than a year without it. We are grateful for his new carbon pricing plan—which shows true leadership in addressing climate change.

In honor of Polar Bear Week, we’ve planned the busiest schedule of events yet and hope you’ll join us. Here’s what’s on the radar:

  • This year’s theme is to leverage our power as citizens to effect change, including voting with the climate in mind. Learn more here.
  • Our live Polar Bear Cams will continue, with more bears arriving daily. 
  • We’ve teamed up with Discovery Education on two Tundra Connections webcasts: Back to Polar Bear Basics, Gr K-3, on Wed., Nov. 7th, 12 pm Central Time and Back to Polar Bear Basics, Gr 4+, on Thurs., Nov. 8th, 11:30 am Central Time. 
  • In honor of election day in the U.S., we’ve scheduled a live chat on Tues., Nov. 6th, at 2 pm Central Time: What We Like About You - Polar Bear Citizens.   
  • Our website features a big hurrah for Canada’s new carbon pricing plan and a post by scientist Andrew Derocher on the current status of the Western Hudson Bay population, which includes Churchill’s polar bears. One surprise? A boost from the polar vortex.
  • Finally, we’ve posted a new video, Live from the Tundra!, about our Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats. It gives you a peek into what they’re all about.

I’ll be in touch next Monday with news of the week ahead!

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