3/6/2015 6:00:44 AM

Good News Friday {International Polar Bear Day}

We don't want to sound like we are boasting, but PBI's International Polar Bear Day was a rousing success. That's good news, because people all over the world were thinking about how they could take action for polar bears on February 27th and beyond. 

The media was buzzing with stories featuring quotes from PBI scientists Dr. Steven Amstrup and Dr. Geoff York. The Arctic Journal dedicated an issue to polar bears and York wrote "Why Polar Bears Matter" and was quoted in "A Symbol, But of What?".

National Geographic online ran a piece, "In Honor Of International Polar Bear Day, Spectacular Photos of a Threatened Species," that quoted Amstrup extensively.

There were many other news stories, along with Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and our website saw 60,567 visitors. We had great participation in our Thermostat Challenge and with "Bundle Up for Polar Bears" pictures.

Thank you for your participation in our big day. Good news for polar bears is good news for all of us!

In other good news:

Burlington, Vermont becomes the first city to run entirely on 100% renewable energy.

You may be able to buy solar panels at Ikea, soon.

Dubai, despite all its excesses, is the first city to run its vehicles on waste cooking oil.

Solar is taking off in the eastern U.S.

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