Explore.org's generosity includes support for wild cam projects in the Arctic, such as the summer Beluga Cam, which features a Citizen Science component.

8/24/2016 12:00:44 PM

From Polar Bears to Belugas: Explore.org Supports Arctic Conservation

PBI recently received the third installment of a $1 million dollar, multi-year grant from explore.org, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation-and we couldn't be more grateful for their ongoing, generous commitment to our conservation efforts.

"Explore.org is an important and loyal partner to PBI," said PBI's executive director, Krista Wright. "Because of their support, we've been able to grow our multi-media initiatives, inspiring people to care about the Arctic and its connection to our global climate."

Explore provides funding for PBI's Save Our Sea Ice Campaign, Tundra Connections webcasts, and general operating budget.

Best known for their animal and nature cams, explore and PBI work closely on the Polar Bear Cams, the Beluga Cams, and the Northern Lights Cam. These cams help connect a worldwide audience with the unique and fragile beauty of the Arctic, an ecosystem threatened by climate change.

This year's Beluga Cams include a Citizen Scientist component, where viewers are encouraged to take snapshots of the belugas they see on the cam to help give scientists a better understanding of the beluga's social structure and their use of the Churchill River estuary. Learn more about this project from PBI Staff Scientist Alysa McCall.

Led by founder Charles Annenberg Weingarten, the explore team embarks on fact-finding missions to meet the courageous leaders of the non-profit world and document their work through images and films. By sharing their knowledge, explore seeks to connect people to extraordinary cultures and ideas. These expeditions also serve as a way to identify potential recipients for Annenberg Foundation grants. To date, over $69 million has been awarded to over 300 nonprofit organizations worldwide.

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