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Architect's drawing of the new Polar Bears International House.

Building a Better Foundation for Polar Bear Education

As the walls go up, our excitement grows! Our new Polar Bears International House will help us reach more people, impacting our global outreach programs.

A polar bear on melting ice.

New U.N. Climate Report Rings Alarm Bells and Provides Guidance

Reshaping our energy use will take a concerted effort by world leaders and unprecedented cooperation--but strategies like a carbon tax provide a road map.

A polar bear mom and cubs on the sea ice off the coast of the Arctic Refuge.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Vital to Denning Polar Bears

A proposed seismic testing plan in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge poses grave risks to denning polar bear families.

Ice sculpture of inukshuk

Winnipeg Gala in October

We're busy making plans for our third annual fall fundraising event in Winnipeg: A Celebration of Hope. The gala is scheduled for October 27th.

Side profile of a polar bear

Stand up for the Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration has proposed changes that would drastically weaken the Endangered Species Act, changes that would slam a wrecking ball into protections

Polar bear mom with cub

New Projects in Russia

Russia is the big blank spot in polar bear research, but thanks to recent partnerships, Polar Bears International is helping to fund two key studies there.

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Caméra en direct

Join us for the annual fall gathering of polar bears near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Our live cam will begin in late October. In the meantime, enjoy highlights. Also check out our live Cape Churchill Cam, highlights from the Beluga Cam, and our Northern Lights Cam!

Other cameras:

Polar Bears and Their Habitat

Bear Tracker

Follow polar bears as they journey across the ice.

Check our Bear Tracker

Polar Bears

Learn more about these remarkable animals.

Discover Polar Bears

Climate Change

A threat to polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

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“The only way to save the bears and their sea ice habitats is to control temperature rise through greenhouse gas mitigation.”

Dr. Steven C. Armstrup

It's not too late. Act now to effect change.

Your actions today will help prevent potentially catastrophic changes from taking place—not only helping polar bears, but also preserving the climate that has allowed humans to flourish.

Act Now

Sur la trace des ours

Regardez des ours blancs se déplacer sur la glace marine pour chasser les phoques.

Sur la trace des ours

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Les ours blancs

Découvrez ces animaux remarquables.

Découvrir les ours blancs

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Les changements climatiques

Une menace pour les ours blancs et la glace marine dont ils dépendent.

En savoir plus

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Il n’est pas trop tard. Agissez dès maintenant pour changer les choses.

Agir dès maintenant n’arrêtera pas immédiatement les changements climatiques, mais de nouvelles études montrent que nous pourrions voir des effets favorables dans une décennie environ. Vos actions d’aujourd’hui aideront à prévenir d’éventuels changements catastrophiques, pas seulement aiderez-vous les ours blancs, mais vous préserverez aussi le climat qui permet aux humains de prospérer.

Agir maintenant

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